Adobe Meadow Neighborhood Association (AMNA) is a volunteer organization which represents neighbors who want to be connected to their neighborhood and who live in the 300 homes bordered by Adobe Creek, Middlefield Road, East Meadow Drive and Louis Road. It includes Nathan Way and the single family homes along the southeast side of East Meadow north of Louis Road.

The purposes of the Association are to promote neighborhood unity, offer a forum for issues, build emergency preparedness, assist neighbors in times of emergency and provide a strong voice for expressing our neighborhood interests to the City of Palo Alto. If you would like to be part of AMNA, fill out the directory form with your BPC and we will add you to our roster.

As an organization, AMNA has a limited number of expenses, which include printing our directory and flyers, hosting the lunch at our annual picnic and occasionally buying emergency supplies for the neighborhood. If you would like to help meet these costs, a donation of $20 would be greatly appreciated. A check may be made out to AMNA and given to your BPC.