Street Resurfacing and Repair Coming to the Neighborhood

Every two years, a Pavement Condition Index (PCI) is assigned to city streets, ranging from 100 for new streets to zero for the worst street in the City. If there are no conflicts with other City entities–and funding is available–the streets in the worst condition are repaired first.

For the three block segments of Mayview Avenue from Middlefield Road to Ross Road, the middle section has the lowest PCI score of a 43. For the five-block segments of Ross Road from East Meadow Drive to Nathan Way, the average PCI score is in the low 70s. All five blocks will receive base repair work and are to be slurry sealed this coming summer.

For the five block segments of Grove Avenue, the worst section had a PCI score of 74, with the others in the low 80s. For the five block segments of East Meadow Drive from Middlefield Road to Louis Road, the average PCI score is an 83.

In addition, other pavement sections within the neighborhood will receive the annual slurry seal work. For further information or questions, contact City of Palo Alto Engineering Technician Murdo Nicolson at 650-617-3154.

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